Saturday, March 25, 2017

Foreign Policy

The foreign policy unit made clear just how delicate the balance of foreign policy is in the world, and how important the decisions of the US can be. In the movie The World Without Us, the narrator explained how many horrifying atrocities could have been lessened if only the US had intervened sooner, and how on many occasions the other world powers did little to help and it was only the eventual involvement of the US that had an effect. The movie also explained that in many cases, like in the Middle East, and South Korea, US involvement is the only thing that prevents conflicts between countries from escalating to the extent of possible nuclear war. Yet at the same time this reliance on the US to keep the peace only increases the need for America to police the world. At this time it is impossible for the US to fully stop policing the world, but perhaps if we move slowly and strategically, we may be able to lessen our world presence at some point in the future and let other countries police themselves.

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